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MotoGP Arcade Video Racing Machine 2022 Best Sale

MotoGP Arcade Video Racing Machine 2022 Best Sale

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MotoGP Arcade Video Racing Machine

Race against all your favourite riders from the top teams on the fastest prototype racing motorcycles in the world. Compete on 10 international MotoGP circuits including Silverstone, Sepang, Phillip Island and Mugello, which have been impeccably and accurately recreated down to the last corner, the slightest undulation and each tyre-straining camber change.

Parameter of MotoGP Arcade Video Racing Machine

  • Authentic motoGP motorcycle
  • Officially Licensed MotoGP Product
  • With 42" HD LCD screen
  • With front-facing camera
  • Front-mounted fan simulates wind
  • Online player stat tracking
  • 4 colors available: red, blue, yellow, green
  • For local & online multiplayers competition game, can be linked up with 8 bikes
  • Features 10 international motoGP circuits
  • 3 difficulty levels: novice, normal and pro racer
  • Used and good working reconditioned machine
  • With 12 months warranty, lifetime technical support
  • MOQ: 1 group (2 cars)
  • Size: W109*D213*H220cm

How to Pay

We only accept off-line payment. No Paypal, Thanks for understanding and supporting.
DM our sales team and get the invoice, they will guide u to finish payment.

Shipping & Returns

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Shipping and Delivery

When you’ve completed your purchase, JCL Games will provide an estimated delivery date, which you can review in your Order Confirmation email. This estimated date will vary depending on your choice.


  • Fast, Rapid Responses to customers in 24hours,ship goods in 7 to 20 working days which will listed in the invoice.
  • Reliable/on-time
  • Defect free deliveries by small part replacement, JCL Games will find best right way to protect the goods, make sure that the goods kept in good condition.
  • Actual delivery compared to promised delivery (i.e., two days early to zero days late)
  • Better delivery.
  1. By Express :We choose DHL, UPS, and FedEx and other equivalent express
  2. By air.
  3. By Sea : FCL ,LCL
  4. By FBA
  5. By train
  6. By Multimodal transport
  • In a word, to ensure the purchased products be shipped cost-effectively, we will find right solution to ship the goods in economical and efficient way.

Care Instructions

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Candy cabs packing will takes the wood crate to protect the machines when handles by forklift. On the bottom, it has a forklift holes. So prepare the manual forklift in advance when the express man call you.

  • Painting Work

    For the spraying process,JCL Games has a professional game machine spraying line that has been cooperated for many years.

    Before spraying, all circuits and electronic accessories will be removed, and then the cabs will be completely sanded with sandpaper to remove the original paint.

    Basically, there is no color difference, paint peeling, particle aggregation and other defects.

    Generally, because of the small order quantity, the spraying line takes about a week.

  • Things about delivery , unload and bill signs

    1. If the size exceeds 2 meters on one side or the actual weight exceeds 400KG, please bring your own forklift to unload the goods, and Kapai unloads the goods to the ground, excluding going upstairs!
    2. Please pay attention to check the status and quantity of the goods when you sign for the goods. If the goods are damaged or lost unfortunately, please make a note on the front of the receipt, and submit it within 3 days from the date of receipt. The company assists recipients with filing claims.  
    If there are some damaged/lost problem parts, the receipt is not remarked, or the acceptance time is exceeded, our company cannot handle it, please understand!
    If the customer refuses to accept it due to damage or other reasons, please confirm with the customer that they require re-delivery, and the customer will be responsible for the secondary cost incurred.